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TOPRX1000SD Korea's leading industrial touch panel

T O P R X 1 0 0 0 S D

  • 10.4" TFT Color, 800x600

    ◆ Reliable Quad core CPU and great processing speed
    ◆ Economically reasonable cost and performance compare to TOP-R Series

    - Refined integrated body design
    - Each differnet Ethernet network ports supported (10",12")
    - Attracted the largest holder of the PLC interface
    - Front OTG USB

    - VNC(Visual Network Computing), FTP(File Transfer Protocol)
    - Multi layers of objects supported
    - Multi screen tasks in one screen

1. Functional



Display Type10.4' TFT Color
Color16M Colors
Dispaly Area(mm)211.2 x 158.4
Resolution800 x 600
Brightness Level10 Level(by software)
Backlight TypeLED
Backlight Life 50,000 hours


Touch TypeAnalog resistive film
Resolution(Cell)800 x 600
Touch Life1 million times or more
InterfaceSerial COM1
RS-232C, RS-422/485 Asynchronous +5V PWR
* Data Bit: 7/8 bits, Stop bit:1/2 bits, Parity bit: None/Odd/Even
* Baud rate: 2400~115.2kbps
* Connector:DSUB 9 pin 1 Channel
Serial COM2* RS-232C, RS-422/485 Asynchronous
* Data Bit: 7/8 bits, Stop bit:1/2 bits, Parity bit: None/Odd/Even
* Baud rate: 2400~115.2kbps
* Connector:DSUB 9 pin 1 Channel
Serial COM3* RS-485 Asynchronous
* Data bit: 7/8 bits, Stop bit: 1/2 bits, Parity bit: None/Odd/Even
* Baud rate: 2400~115.2kbps
* Connector: 3.5mm 3pin 1 Channel
Ethernet Channel* 2 Channel IEEE802.3i/IEEE802.3u, 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX, Support Separated Network
* Connector: RJ-45 x 2
Option ModulesFieldbus(EtherCAT, CANopen)
USB DeviceV2.0 Compatible 1 Channel, Max 5m, OTG
USB Host* 1 Rear Channel USB 2.0: USB Storage(FAT16/FAT32), Output 5V/0.5A
* 1 Front OTG Host USB 2.0
* Support USB Barcode Scanner(Standard Keyboard Protocol)
SD Card1 Channel Micro SD, SDHC(MAX 32GB)
Printer Almost USB interface Printers
& Others
Screen Memory128 MB
Backup Memory 512KB: System buffer(10K Word), Including Alarm/Logging/Recipe
Backup Period


Real Time ClockBuilt in
Status LED3 LEDs(Power, Operation, Link) Built in

2. General



Input VoltageDC24V(20~28V)
Power Consumption20W or less
Voltage Sag24V, Within 10ms
Insulation Resistance 500V DC, 10MΩ


Operation Temperature(°C)-10 ~ +50
Storage Temperature(°C)-20 ~ +60
Ambient Humidity(%RH)0 ~ 90(No dew)
AtmosphereNo corrosive gas
Vibration EnduranceAmplitude: 10≤F≤25Hz(2G) X,Y,Z each direction(for 30 minutes)
Noise Immunity

1000Vp-p(Pulse width 1㎲)

Shock Endurance10G, X, Y, Z direction for 3 times
Electricity EnduranceConnective discharge from EN61000-4-2: ±4㎸
Ground ConnectionClass 3(100Ω or less)
Protection ClassificationIP65(Front)
StructurePanel Cut(mm)260 x 202
External Dimension(mm)274 x 216 x 64.7
Cooling SystemNatural air circulation
Case MaterialPC(Resistance to flame)


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